Our Process

Leaf Removal
Weed Control

Insect and Disease Control
Lawn Renovation
Bed Care and Mulching
Ornamental Plants

Streets and Medians
Office Parks
City Parks
Retail Shopping Centers
Corporate Campuses

A well maintained landscape – a manicured lawn, trimmed shrubs and trees – can be a significant enhancement to the value of any property. At Arazoza Brothers, our love of plants and landscape pushes our maintenance technicians to exceed our customers’ expectations, time and time again.

Whether it’s a school, park, large natural area, or an entire city, paying attention to the minor details is the key to our overall success. Our uniformed, polite and tidy professionals will keep your landscape lush and luxurious, neatly trimmed and in good health.

Our specialists will constantly monitor the long-term health of your landscape, to ensure you are alerted to any potential problem, and suggest the most cost-effective ways to diffuse any issue and boost the value of your property.